Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dominican Republic Will Continue The Restoration Of Sandy Beaches

Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic has decided to continue the restoration of sandy beaches. It is assumed that one of the main beaches in the country Caleta, will be extended to 550 meters. The project will cost around 1.2 million dollars.

In addition to the Caleta beach will be improved and other beaches: Carenero, Los Cacaos, Costa Verde-Juan Bolaños, Najayo, Palenque, San Rafael and El Quemaíto.

Restoring the beaches affected by the damaging effects of natural hazards and man, implies their complete cleaning, remove dirt and extension of beach areas.

Dominican Republic belongs to two-thirds of the island of Haiti, that is 48,500 sq km and 1575 km of coastline, a third of whom are beaches. 360-kilometer border that separates the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is bounded on the north Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the south. Mona Channel, suggestive fear at all seafarers due to strong currents and ferocious winds that separates the island from Puerto Rico to the east.

Dominican Republic is a country with well-developed tourism infrastructure, the basis chosen for the "all inclusive" - most of the local hotels are working on this principle.

Almost the entire coast of the country - one continuous beach. Beaches of the Dominican Republic are among the best in the Caribbean. No matter which resort is no way to select tourist: Playa Bavaro, Playa Dorada or Puerto Plata - anywhere he can find fine white sand, clear warm water and preventive maintenance.

From the natural beauty of the island, according to guidebooks, can not be circumvented Lemon waterfall: a dip in it, according to locals, you will live comfortably until his death. Also recommend a boat trip across the lagoon Gris-Gris, an intricate maze of mangroves, lianas and palms in the river delta.

Climbers and just lovers of the mountains rise to the peak of Duarte. Go to the top of the leading routes of varying difficulty, and everyone can choose their way of forces. The main attraction of the country's capital - the city of Santo Domingo - the extraordinary architecture of the city's Cathedral Basilica Higuey, is a kind of skewered each other curved arches.

If there is a sensible guide to visiting the colonial part of Santo Domingo can be great fun. This area is simply breathes history. The first street in the New World, the first church in the New World, the first customs office in the New World.

The history of the island is closely intertwined with the life of the great traveler Christopher Columbus, so there are many landmarks associated with him and his family. Very popular means to brighten up the evening with tourists is to visit the tomb of Columbus.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cruises From Royal Caribbean Were Recognized The Most Ecologic

Annual awards for innovative solutions for environmental protection awarded to cruise companies Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, a member of a holding company Royal Caribbean Cruises.

During the ceremony of the annual award for innovative solutions for the Protection of the Environment of the Ports Cruise Terminal Environmental Advisory Committee, the liner Mariner of the Seas Royal Caribbean company won the nomination, the liner, who has made contributions to especial protection of the environment, and liner Brilliance of the Seas - in the "liner, to apply innovative technologies to protect the environment."

Together, these international competitions, which were estimated by the Department for management of environmental resources, the independent expert on environmental and consulting firm, involved 9 ships of the company Celebrity Cruises, and 21 ships from Royal Caribbean International. At the same time the jury took into consideration the timeliness and effectiveness of enforcement of laws relating to the protection of the environment, as well as innovative solutions that create a favorable ecological environment.

Company-owners of the ships that have won the competition, were given an honorary award and have the opportunity to transfer to the charity of any part of the prize money amounting to 5-10 000 dollars.

"Caring for the environment requires our attention - explained Dan Henrahan, president and board of directors of Celebrity Cruises. - I am very proud of our dedication to standards of environmental protection, because it expects from us, our company, our guests on board our aircraft and Society in general. "

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Golf, polo, motor racing and tennis will be developed in Barbados to attract new tourists

Minister Richard Sealy in a recent interview with local press said that the sport needs to develop in the country in such a way that it was interesting not only locals but also tourists. He noted that many sports events on the island can be integrated into the tourism industry. "There was a time when our country could attract tourists only cricket, and perhaps sailing. Now added to this list golf, polo, motor racing and tennis," - the official said. "I believe that our island has an area of 430 square kilometers, offers such a variety of sports like no other place on earth. We must continue to develop this successful combination of tourism and sports, to attract more tourists to our country," - he said.

Barbados - the most easterly of Caribbean islands (34 km in length, 23 km in width). The island, surrounded by coral reefs, on the west by the Caribbean Sea, north and east to the coast of Barbados drew near the Atlantic Ocean.

Barbados enjoys a reputation as one of the most favorable places to live on the planet. The island marked a record for the planet of long-living people.

Also of Barbados known as the reserve of big money, famed rockoshnymi resorts for the discerning and demanding travelers.

Following the adoption of the 2003 law on the development of tourism, Barbados has witnessed unprecedented growth of investment in the tourism sector. Since then, the island attracted capital of about $ 1 billion.

Now comes to Barbados every year more than one million tourists leaving the island more than $ 700 million. Within a few years to build 11 new hotels for 406 rooms, ten hotels have expanded and repaired.

Among the most popular entertainment: a variety of water sports including scuba diving, restaurants, renowned for excellent cuisine, polo, golf, shops, duty-free, jeep safari, walk through the caves, flying in helicopters, beach parties, trips to " pirated schooners, yachts and catamarans, party with limbo and swallowing fire, deep sea fishing, swimming with sea turtles, dive into the underwater world in a submarine, etc.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jamaica Threats

According to tour operators in Jamaica, there is always a threat to get into an unwanted adventure, in contrast to other Caribbean islands, where independent travel will be much more enjoyable.

During solitary walks in the Jamaican picturesque bays, parks and human settlements of any wrong turn can lead to very dire consequences.

Tourists are also advised to travel by taxi or bus instead of a rental car.

According to statistics, over the past six months in various parts of the famous resort has recorded 700 crimes. In 2007 most of the murders occurred in the capital Kingston, which is quite far from the traditional holiday destinations.

It is interesting that so sad statistics (consistently the third or fourth in the number of murders in the ratings of most criminal countries in recent years) does not prevent the rising popularity of Jamaica among foreign nationals.

Law enforcement agencies of the island recently updated its website, putting back some of the recommendations.

For example, foreign visitors are asked to more closely monitor their luggage, to refrain from walking alone on deserted beaches even in daylight, and try not to go to travel at night.

As a rule, hotel guests prefer to use the system "all inclusive", which significantly reduces the risk of unpleasant incidents. In addition, the island has increased dramatically the demand for guided tours and hikes.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ship of naval forces of the USA will be flooded in the Cayman Islands and turned into an artificial reef for divers.

American rescue ship Kittiwake submarines in November will be transferred to authorities in the Cayman Islands, which are considered British territory in the Caribbean. Then one of the former U.S. Navy ships will be transformed into an artificial reef for diving excursions, Associated Press referring to the project manager of Maritime Administration Nancy Easterbrook.

Kittiwake was built in 1945 and has a displacement of 2,29 thousand tons with a length 76 meters. In recent years, the ship has not been used for its intended purpose.

Currently, the ship moored at the base at Fort Eustis in Virginia. There also are laid up, and other military vessels Defense Reserve Fleet, nicknamed ghostly. They are administered by the Office of the U.S. merchant fleet.

According to the plans, in 2009 Kittiwake find the last resting place on the bottom near the coast of the Cayman Islands. It requires the Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford Islands, after flooding in compartments Kittiwake inhabit many species of fish, and ship-reef will be a success among tourists.

Note that the administration of Cayman Islands already have experience in a similar recycling rusting "pot" of the fleet superpowers. In 1996 here was flooded and turned into a reef destroyer fall primarily in the Russian navy.

Now the 100-meter destroyer lies at a depth of 18 meters and it has stuck to a dense layer of the inhabitants of the sea depths.

Terms of the transaction between the Office of Merchant Marine and Island administration is not yet known. However, before the transfer Kittiwake in "civilian hands, the ship must undergo special processing, as it were poisonous.

Recall the spring of 2007 reported a similar decision the fate of the second-largest warship "General Vandenberg. It was supposed to flood at the island of Key West, Florida. From 1963 to 1983, the vessel is 156 meters long conducted a reconnaissance mission.

Now, "General Vandenberg towed ship docks near Washington, where he will take many months of quarantine: from it will remove any items and materials that can harm the ecology of the ocean.

Upon completion of the work that would cost 5.7 million dollars, 6 miles from the coast of Key West will be a new reef, which will provide habitat for thousands of diverse oceanic flora and fauna and, consequently, attract lovers of the underwater world. According to local professionals, the influx of tourists to boost the coffers of the state.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Amy Winehouse on the St. Lucia Island

Minister of Tourism Caribbean island St. Lucia invited the famous singer Amy Winehouse to visit the resort again, promising a free drink at local bars. The fact that a few months ago, Amy so scandalously rested on the island that the tourism business income went up sharply.

Minister of Tourism of St. Lucia's Allen Chastanet said that always glad to see Amy on the island.

"No one actor did arrange anything like this here before and did not exert such a significant impact on the life of the resort. I'd like her to go back," - said the official.

According to him, with the appearance of actresses on the island sales are up and the tourist industry literally comes alive. Moreover, British scandalists has a very beneficial effect on the economy, and go on stage it is entirely optional. The 2009 Amy even been booed by the public in St. Lucia.

"I'm sorry that she could not perform well last year, but it happens. But in terms of spending time and maintain its image as Amy was very professional," - said Chastanet with a share of adulation and irony.

Bar owners have supported this impulse bureaucratic hospitality Keeping in mind the prospects of personal material gain. At the same time bartenders and restaurateurs are even ready to make the guest house Artist certain discounts and concessions.

"We will be happy to pour Amy free champagne rum with cola", - said the manager of one of the bars Gilbert George.

Added that most of Amy Winehouse fame at the resort is not his concerts, and drunken adventures. In particular, the performance of the singer got quite enough to crawl on all fours on the street and asked passersby to buy her a drink, said Turist.rbc.ru.

From the star hangouts from the British Isles is not only one Amy Winehouse is known for drunken antics in the tourist areas: in airports and resorts. For example, the popular Irish actor, star of movies "Tudors" and "From Paris with Love" Rhys Meyers is not allowed on board United Airways, because the actor was drunk and swearing. The incident occurred at Kennedy Airport in New York.

According to the airport, Jonathan "Drunk," Vodka in the VIP-lounge while waiting for landing on the flight, and then acted aggressively and began to swear. As a result, film star denied the right to board the plane.

Details about the incident were not disclosed because of the laws of confidential information. But we know that this is not the first such incident with Reece Maeyrsom. In 2009, the actor was arrested for drunken brawl in a bar in the Paris airport Charles de Gaulle, and in November 2007, Jonathan was taken into custody in Ireland, after wrangling with the protection of the air port.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Aruba - is one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean Sea and one of the most prestigious resorts in the world. No wonder its name is connected with the Spanish "Oro Ruba" ("red gold").

In the heart of the Caribbean Sea lies a small island area of 184 square meters. km. length of about 30 km. and a width of about 10 km. Aruba Coast is characterize by sand dunes and rocky cliffs, and bright colored houses of Dutch architecture typical for the island's capital - the city of Oranjestad.

Aruba is also considered one of the most prestigious resorts in the world, and rated the newly arriving tourists - often ranked first in the world. The nature of the island is ideal and indescribably beautiful. The ideal weather lasts all year round in Aruba. Especially surprising dry air of the island, which is rare in the tropics. As for the service and entertainment, and Aruba are among the leaders due to its infrastructure. Day and nightlife of the island is perfectly organized. The island has excellent facilities for golf, tennis and water sports. Glamorous casinos light their lamps in the evening, there are discos and nightclubs with original entertainment programs.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Grenada is the independent state, situated in one of the Windward islands of the group of the Small Antilles in the eastern part of the Caribbean, on the western "edge" of the Atlantic Ocean. Grenada was discovered in 1498 by Columbus. The structure of Grenada includes "paradise" islands: Ronde, Schugar Loaf, Green Island, Sandy Island, Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Jenny and others.

The Nature of the island pleases you with tropical forests and numerous waterfalls, coastline abounds with beautiful bays, beaches with white sand.

St. George - the capital and main port of Grenada is well-protected marine bay. This picturesque town with steep winding streets, attracts many tourists. Situated on a hilltop above the city Fort George, has observation platforms, allowing admire the city and the bay from the western cape harbor, and up the coast to the western end of Karenazh. Grenada National Museum, located in the heart of the city. Exhibit Museum is extremely diverse, including fragments of pottery Indian tribes who inhabited the island, a collection of old rum, marble bath, which once belonged to Empress Josephine.

The island of Grenada is volcanic in origin, has several hot springs, picturesque mountain lakes and beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists.

Here at low prices you can buy spices, manufactures of straw, cotton clothing, fabric and jewelry. There are many duty-free shops selling quality goods from all continents.

Here in large numbers grow palm trees and other tropical trees, which inhabit different kinds of monkeys imported from Africa, many centuries ago. There are also widespread family of possums and various mongoose. Among the birds you can see hummingbirds, pelicans, brown boobies, hawk. The island is also distributed colonies of turtles, but, unfortunately, to meet the taste of connoisseurs, many species of turtles were destroyed.

For lovers of the sea sport can be recovered in one great place Grand Anse Beach. This is the most popular places for diving - the island of Carriacou in the vicinity of the coast of Grenada, on all sides surrounded by coral reefs. In a place called Croce in the craters of extinct volcanoes lurk unearthly beauty of the lake. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches, which even can be seen the black volcanic sand. In some places the coast to fit the colorful coral reefs. For avid fishermen Spice Island ('Spice') held in January over a popular fishing tournament, the first prize in the competition is the sum of the six all zeros.

Do not hesitate to visit Grenada... Only here you can see the banana region, since this fruit is found almost at every step. Just for lovers of seafood here, so prepare lobster, you will never forget this amazing flavor. Because Grenadians have their cooking secrets, which are not disclosed for no one.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Races of Goats and Crabs

Races of goats and crabs will be held in April in the State of Trinidad and Tobago. This scene for almost 100 years attracts numerous visitors.

From 12 to 14 April 2009 on the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago will be held of the most anticipated spring events. At this time in the city of Bucca are conducted 2 types of races - the race of goats and races of crabs.

Since 1925, these events always attract many spectators, including tourists. In addition, as would be funny as this sounds, competitions are a serious and profitable business on the island.

In the race goats jockeys serve young people: at a signal they are saddling their precious "runners" and pinch the animals to the finish with bare heels. "Zone of Action" is of 100 meters.

The most strong and long-legged goats are selected to participate in the competitions. They were specially trained for this.

Members of other the same exciting competitions are usually large blue crabs. The owners-jockeys are pushing them, pulling a rope tied to them, making them to move in the right direction.

The fate of "athlete" after the race, quite frankly, is unenviable. They find themselves in a frying pan in a traditional curry dish.

Extinction of Carribean Coral Reefs

Coral reefs of the Caribbean Sea due to global warming are losing their structure, becoming more flat. This process continues for the past 40 years, can lead to the extinction of many species of coral reef ecosystems.

"The complex structures of reefs provide shelter for many organisms from predators. The destruction of " architecture " leads to a fall of biodiversity, which in turn, negatively affect the coastal communities earning with fishing. The destruction of the structure of reefs also reduces the natural protection of the coast from erosion.

Previous studies have shown that corals in the area undergo degradation, but scientists at the University of East Anglia University in Canada for the first time demonstrated how changes the "architecture" reefs and how it might affect the species living there.

The authors analyzed the changes in the 200 coral reefs in the period from 1969 to 2008. They showed two episodes of strong "flattening" of corals. The first of these occurred in the late 1970's and was associated with the spread of the disease, which destroyed 90% of the two types of coral polyps. The second period of vertical structures of coral reefs is happening today. Scientists associate this process with global warming and rising sea surface temperatures.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honeymoon & Children

The resort of one of the Caribbean archipelago holded an unusual discount campaign. Tourists were offered to have children, making their future offspring directly in the hotel rooms. During this holiday-makers were offered special discount.

The resort that made this curious suggestion is called the Westin Resort. It is situated on the shores of the Caribbean islands of the Netherlands - more specifically, on the island of Aruba.

The resort offered young couples a discount for their future travel, if they will make child during the holidays in the hotel.

The hotel' administration was ready to pay 180 pounds (almost 300 dollars) for successful attempt to conceive a child in their rooms. Thus hoteliere attracted the maximum number of couples who are ready to expand their family.

Nevertheless, to take advantage of such a kind of "carrot" the couples had to prove that the kid made the first move in this world namely at the resort.

The hotel claimed that it was enough a note from the doctor, which indicated the estimated date of conception. Specified time, of course, should match the rest period of the parents in this hotel. Offer was valid for all who had rest in the hotel until December, 18 2009.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best World Places for Diving

Forbes Traveller magazine compiled a list of the world's best places for diving. the world's best places for diving. In the first place in the list turned out to be Phi Phi Island in Thailand. These islands are 2 limestone monolith, one of whom, Phi Phi Don, continues to grow. The best place for diving is near the reef Hing-Klang. Here is an abundance of soft corals and bright tropical fish.

In second place is the resort zone Safaga in Egypt, which consists of several sandy beaches located on the shores of a large bay with many coral reefs. To dive the divers are taken to a sandy island, also located in a quiet bay Soma. Here, on the shallow reef, the most common arelions-fish and clown fish, are also encountered morays and Ocellaris fish, cuttlefish and octopuses.

The list continues the Panamanian Island of San Blas, also known as Kuna Yala. The reefs of San Blas impress by its length, reaching 320 kilometers. Here divers are waiting for immersion with numerous corals and sponges. In the western part of the archipelago are uninhabited islands, where you can see not only corals but also wrecked ships.

In the list is also included the island of Culebra (Puerto Rico). Tourists well know the Flamenco Beach, located on the north coast of Culebra - the largest island in the archipelago of the Virgin Islands. Secluded beach Carlos Rosario - one of the most popular places for diving in the Caribbean Sea. During the dive you can see many corals and reef fish.

In the waters of the Salt Cay Island (Turks and Caicos Islands) divers will see the typical inhabitants of these places: sharks-nurses, skats and colonies of coral reefs in the form of antlers. From neighboring islets it is possible to watch fish schools, here on the 12-meter depth lies the British Royal Navy frigate Endymion, crashed into a coral reef. Winter gives divers an additional opportunity to swim among humpback whales.

Sixth place in the list is taken by the island St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands). Its coastline is richly protected from the waves in some places to dive. Since almost the entire island is national park, there are not many sedimentary rocks, which damage the corals and make the water turbid.

One of the best places for diving is in U.S. Virgin Islands - the water near the beaches of U.S. Virgin Islands, which are located on the leeward side of the island of U.S. Virgin Islands. Visibility is up to 30 meters or more. Whether diving near the beach or at a remote reefs, divers will meet many fish, sponges, corals, and if you're lucky - stingrays, bracken and green sea turtles weighing up to 180 kilograms. However, the winter swimming and diving at the beach Macs can prevent a strong surf.

Also the list of Forbes Traveller includes such places for diving, as the Indonesian National Marine Park Bunaken in northern U.S. Virgin Islands, the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Rurutu island in French Polynesia, underwater cave systems in Florida, the Fiji Islands and the island of Bimini.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dominican Republic Food

Columbus, who discovered this volcanic island on Sunday, November 3, 1493, called it Dominicano. The territory of the Dominican Republic has 1600 km of sea coast - in the north Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the south. Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean. History of the Dominican Republic - is the story of an Indian Island Kiskeya, whose name translates as "mother of all lands". The natives who inhabited the island before the arrival of the Spanish sailors, were descended from tribes that came from the tropical forests of Venezuela and from the banks of the Orinoco River. They called themselves "Taíno". Official language is Spanish. In tourist centers and speak in English, French, German and Italian. And in the hotels of the Dominican Republic you will understood in any language. The historical part of the city of Santo Domingo, recognized by UNESCO cultural heritage.

Many people think that Latin American and Caribbean cuisine doesn't differ from country to country. However, ways of cooking food in the Dominican Republic are really unique. History tells us that the Dominican Republic experienced the influence of both France and Spain. In addition, Aboriginal foods and ways of its preparation also helped create a remarkable and delicious dishes.

Dominican cuisine is simple to prepare and very healthy. Are used only natural ingredients. The main feature of it - the extensive use of legumes, bananas and other vegetables (including exotics) in the original, combined with meat products and fish. This abundance of spices used in cooking, at first glance is huge, but it is not so - all the spices are consumed in the measure, and almost do not spoil the original flavor. For cooking use only a certain kind of bananas "Platano" - Green and quite hard, do not eat them raw. Side dish usually served on rice, red beans, cassava, mashed bananas from the forest with a bow "manga" and various salads.

National dishes that use local people on a daily basis are: a thick soup with meat, rice and vegetables "asopao", stew meat, beans, rice, salad and fried bananas " Bandera", baked in banana leaves, meat and vegetable" bed-en - Ohashi, roast pork "puerko al-Puja" or "puerko-Assado", vegetables and meat ragout "sankocho", pork served with fried bananas, and certainly exotic - whole braised pig carcass in a pit, stewed with vegetables and herb chicken, tripe on-Dominican "monfongo" etc. As a side dish using rice and red beans in all sorts of combinations, cassava, mashed bananas from the forest with a bow "manga" and various salads.

Continuing on the table there are cakes of cassava, "Kasaba" (as usual, and with various fillings) and "tostones" - fried bananas. Fish and seafood, despite their abundance and diversity, almost non-existent in the traditional Dominican cuisine, but recently they have been in larger numbers appear in the menus of cafes and restaurants. The most popular fish, roasted on a spit or a lattice, grilled fish with coconut crumbs, fish in a sauce of coconut milk "Pescado con coco", a variety of seafood, "mariskos" crabs in a sauce "Cangrejo gisado" etc.

And, of course, have the widest distribution of a variety of tropical fruits - bananas, coconuts, pineapples, arable land, guava, mango, green lemon Zest and other exotic fruits. Their use in natural form, in the form of juices and fruit cocktails. Everywhere brew good coffee, especially good grade "Santo Domingo".

Rum is the national alcoholic beverage of the Dominican Republic, which does not manage any festival anywhere in the country. Rum is widely popular among the local population of the Dominican Republic, along with local brands of beer "Quisqueya", "Presidente" and "Bohemia". Rum varying quality and spills can be purchased at any store or tent.

Among the 15 varieties of rum, manufactured in the country, the main positions occupied by "Brugal", "Barselo" and "Bermudes". Produce dark rum (with a classic golden hue) and light (white, often with the addition of lemon, which gives the drink a delicious taste).

Rum drink alone or added to cocktails. For example, "Piña Colada" (Rum, often 3 species, coconut milk and pineapple juice, ice), Daiquiri (rum, lemon juice, ice chips) and, of course, the famous and the most popular "Free Cuba" (rum Coca-Cola and ice).

Interest of local alcoholic beverage "pru" (a product of fermentation of juice plants of the same name). Coffee is brewed everywhere.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bermuda Islands...

Bermuda ... We imagine these islands wrapped in mystery and mysteries. Immediately we recall the legendary "Bermuda Triangle" with the disappeared no one knows where ships and planes. Of course, scientists are trying to debunk these myths about the temporal and spatial gap, but agree that the rumors do not appear in vain. Although ...

Aura of mystery and chilling suspense dissipates almost immediately and completely, as soon as you get on these Azur. No, the bright sun, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and turquoise clear sky no means divorced from the mysterious island's reputation. Only occasionally, remembering the name of the place of rest, a chill runs through the skin, but it immediately drives affectionate welcoming sun, clear water washes and blows the warm breeze. This is a wonderful place to relax, away from the rest of the world (Bermuda are almost in the middle of the ocean). Choosing the island seating area, you will never forget the wonderful days spent in paradise on earth.

Geographically, the islands are located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, off the eastern coast of the United States. In fact, they are in allegiance with Great Britain, and, accordingly, Queen Elizabeth II is the nominal head of state for the residents of Bermuda. Despite the colonial, Bermuda to date - the most populous area of Britain, of all overseas. At the same time Bermuda has a rich history dating back to those days when Britain really only began her journey as a nation.

The total number of islands, the combined name of Bermuda, is about 137, and the area for a total of almost 53 square kilometers. As for the names of islands, they are slightly smaller than themselves pieces of sushi. The fact that some islands are of one name. Typically, they are formed from the names of famous people or the names of some places. There are, of course, essential, larger and more populated islands, it is - Island of Ireland (northern and southern), Somerset, Boaz Island, St. David and St. George. Do not be afraid to hear "The Island of the devil" - is just the name of the archipelago.

In fact, despite the large number of islands, the population there is only about 60 thousand people. Islands are small. The largest of them can cross all along for an hour with a tail, and across - 15 minutes! The total length of roads on the islands is 30 kilometers. Dangerous reefs surrounding Bermuda from all sides, that only attracts adventurers and treasure. Not surprisingly, the seabed around Bermuda's just full of trophies. Some of them spent under water, no age ... Divers in any case will find the water something interesting, and maybe even valuable. Besides, the beauty of the underwater world, are worth at least once immersed.

And who knows, maybe it is you who will solve the secret of magical attraction, a mysterious entity and unearthly beauty of these places ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The islands reigns mild tropical climate. Bathing season lasts almost all year round. Because of these and many other reasons, this place is considered one of the best resorts in the world. Millionaires, politicians, stars and all those who aspire to a variety of opportunities, was chosen by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines yet 40 years ago.

Generous nature made these islands in this tropical paradise. Here you can make a trip to the summit of the volcano, swim in waterfalls, dive with dolphins, go on a cruise on a yacht or to explore the coral reefs surrounding the archipelago.

Grenadines for a long time remained undiscovered islands, and therefore they attract sailors from around the world. No accident that one of the most famous yacht charter company The Moorings has opened his own club on the island of Canouan - the third in the Caribbean Sea.

St. Vincent has a rather turbulent history. By the time Columbus discovered (in January 1498) and the inclusion of the Spanish possessions, the island was inhabited by Indians caribou, but fierce resistance that kept the colonists in constant fear. As a result, getting to the island of runaway black slaves, imported to the plantations of the African continent (for some reason they met the natives with open arms), and subsequent assimilation, on the island was formed a new ethnic group - "Black Caribs" (Garifuna), began to quarrel with the traditional "yellow Caribbeans" ...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Honeymoon on the Islands

Honeymoon should be the most happy and memorable event of your life. The perfect solution - a journey to the exotic tale of the island, which are so similar to paradise.

Warm recollection of snow-white beaches, azure sea and amazing landscapes will remain with you until the end of life.


Perfect, pristine white beaches of soft sand, or rather, not even sand and coral dust. Delicious tropical climate and warm turquoise waters caressing the diverse and tranquil islands. Kaleidoscope of virgin forests, exotic birds and animals, pristine water, filled to the brim with colorful fish. Seychelles - all this and much more. Everything is created for love, all steeped in it. Here is the craziest dream come true. Weddings in the Seychelles are usually held on the territory of the hotel at sunset. Almost all 5-star hotels are on their territory chapel. In addition, the ceremony can be carried out on the pier, the beach or even on a yacht.


Hundreds of tiny coral islands scattered in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
Truly paradise with pristine, untouched nature,
ideal climatic conditions and spectacular scenery, which you can appreciate, going on a cruise on a yacht or a flight to the seaplane. Underwater world in Maldives is also very diverse, beautiful and rich, so they are ideal for diving enthusiasts and marine fishing. Among the multitude of islands with white sand beaches and palm groves lovers can choose from and totally uninhabited, where nobody will prevent enjoy each other.


Unpredictable, bright, romantic love of the island, where the air is filled with aromas of ripe fruit and bright flowers, and in the charm and splendor of which entered all the conditions for the enjoyment and happiness, to celebrate the most important events of your life.

Vivid sights, exotic nature, perfect white sand, sparkling waterfalls and rivers, majestic mountains - are unpredictable and bright, like a cacophony of sounds and flavors of Jamaican wedding and honeymoon ... widest range of delightful hotels for all tastes will exceed your expectations and will cherish your novel. This is - your wedding, and the world around us is subject to your wishes. One has only to wish - and magnificent bouquets of fabulous tropical flowers will fall at your feet, the village baker will prepare a special Jamaican wedding cake, rings out a divine Jamaican music while you dance together for the first time as husband and wife ...


Especially attractive for tourists vacation in the islands, where nature has not yet affected by man-made civilization. The air in these places clean and healthy person. For example, island Barbados, which is called the "little England". And it is not surprising, because for many centuries, Barbados had absorbed the traditions and culture of the British Empire. Here people drink afternoon tea, play cricket and golf. However, the first to enter Barbados were not the Englishmen, but the Portuguese, which gave the name of the island - "Los Barbados", which means "bearded".

Equip yourself with unforgettable moments of happiness in the fairy islands, snow-white beach and the endless beauty of the ocean...

Barbados - an island where love lives!

Barbados - the small, reminiscent of pear-shaped island, which lies in the chain of the Small Antilles.
The first settlers in Barbados were Amerindian nomads. Three waves of immigration have passed through the island, which is then sent in the direction of North America.

The name "Barbados" comes from the Portuguese explorer Pedro Campos (Pedro Campos) in 1536, initially named the island «Os Barbados» (bearded) because of the abundance growing on its fig trees, entwined like beards epiphytes. Between 1536 and 1550 years, Spanish conquistadors seized many Caribs on the island and used them on the plantations as slaves. Some Caribs still escaped from the island.

Despite the fact that Barbados for many years was a British colony, the African influence pervades their daily lives - from the gastronomic preferences to architecture and street names.

A popular tourist destination, Barbados has 50 years of the last century. By the 70-island has been gaining popularity, and today the annual number of guests in Barbados over a million people. The main attraction is its stunning beaches, mild climate and cheerful people, fond of holidays. The island is often called the little England, because of the many traditions and ways of spending time is inherited from that country. For example, such as a game of cricket, golf, old English church.
The white sand beaches, coral reefs, the abundance of historical sites associated with the era heyday of piracy, and the traditional carnivals make this island one of the gems of the Caribbean Sea.

Barbados offers excellent opportunities for recreation: here is waiting for tourists surfing, diving, excursions to the Wildlife Sanctuary in the north of the island, exciting descents in the karst caves and grottos with underground rivers and lakes.

Secluded bays and magnificent beaches of pink sand, special rates for newlyweds in most hotels and a huge amount of entertainment is an ideal island for a honeymoon.
Today Barbados - one of the most developed Caribbean islands with high levels of life and extensive infrastructure. Barbados is proud of its tradition of wedding ceremonies and offers a wide range of services for their conduct.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cuba Libre Cocktail

Cuba Libre Cocktail

Cuba Libre was invented in Cuba in about 1900. At that time the U.S. fought a war with Spain. Cuban patriots supported Spain in this military conflict, and this led to the fact that in Cuba were American troops. According to legend, one of the American officers entered the bar and asked the bartender to mix golden rum, Coca-Cola, add ice and lime juice. The soldier drank a drink with such pleasure. With his comrades immediately interested and asked the bartender to make a few more cocktails. Merry mood the soldiers offered a toast to the liberation of Cuba. "Por Cuba Libre!", - Yelled gay American soldiers, still unaware of Fidel Castro and the Communists.

However, some facts refute this version. Formally, Cuba was freed in 1898, and American military forces left the island in the same year, but cola has appeared in Cuba only in 1900. Therefore, according to a refutation, as expressed in 1965 by Fausto Rodriguez, Cuba Libre was first mixed in 1900, an unknown member of the American signal units, which had remained in Cuba.

Cuba Libre quickly has started to gain popularity. In 1945, the combination of 2 drinks immortalized popular ensemble The Andrews Sisters, who sang the hit "Rum and Coca-Cola".

Cocktail preparation Cuba Libre

1 part rum: 2 parts cola: a little lime juice.
At the bottom of a tall glass of ice is placed, then swell ingredients.
All mixed.
In a glass put lobule lime as a garnish.

Sit on the balcony, fill a glass of crushed ice, squeeze lime, hold the glass toward the sky (best effect during sunset), pour the rum that would not see the horizon, add a little Cola to close the sky, gently mix, lean yourself and..................

Among the popular youth club version of a cocktail Cuba pentad. Coca-Cola in this version is added to the cocktail of half lemonade and soda.

There is also a wonderful cocktail of Cuban Missile Crisis. To make it, takes a much more robust rum, such as Bacardi 151, alcohol concentration is about 75%.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Hurry up! Season of female sex tourism in the Caribbean is open! "

From extravagant expression "sex tourism" are still going up and frown only the most notorious of the Puritans. Even the females, once perturbed frivolous behavior of men, in turn, actively liking to this form of recreation, invitingly promises everything earthly pleasures in one set. However, goals have sex tourists are different. Lonely woman needs sex, multiplied by the feelings and always wrapped in bright packaging of romance: the sea walk on the moon's path, the fiery kisses under the Big Dipper and eating lobster by candlelight. The formula is an ideal holiday for single men is true and simple: sex, repeatedly multiplied by sex.

Routes sex tours for men and women, too different, and sometimes even romantic paths do not intersect: the case, where for the same sex - love expanse - for others, starvation rations and immediate deportation for immoral behavior.

Sex routes for women

American and Canadian women wishing to add spice to their fresh daily, for guaranteed sharp sensations travel to the Dominican Republic. "Hurry up! Season of female sex tourism in the Caribbean is open! "- This advertising slogan is now shocking the West no more than advertising toothpaste. Each year, loving the island is visited by about 600 thousand tourists willing to pay each time their exotic happiness. Grassroots Women's arrival does not prevent even the fact that the island is second only to Africa's highest rate of HIV. The fact that the opening of a Caribbean island of love attributed Canadian. Not surprisingly, what they mentioned in a special term to describe the phenomenon of the popularity of this tropical zone of sex in women of middle age without much success in their careers: "the Canadian secretary syndrome. That's the price for the services of Caribbean machismo evolved in the light of material capabilities of the North American "secretaries": from $ 30 per hour to $ 150 per night.

Other "hot" point of the planet for sex tourists - it advertises itself as the erotic center of the world in Jamaica, with its famous hotels of the pleasures of "Hedonism-2" and "Hedonism-3"; Bulgaria - with a surprisingly similar to the Italians, but much cheaper men ; Turkey - with the most ardent and the most picky lovers in the world, Thailand - for the woman wanting to know absolutely cosmic erotic happiness in the performance of Thai virtuosos.

Neighboring Mexico - to the best of the exotic, not a popular measure, but very cheap sex Eden. Price amorous adventures with a pretty muchacha - from $ 5 per hour. A craving for sex extreme on the Mexican island of Cozumel twice a year formally conducted pornoolimpiada, which gathers the stars of this genre of film and its true connoisseurs. When buying a round at one of the "Olympics" (which is from $ 1500 to $ 2500), can become a full member of the shooting.

'Liberty Island' doesn't have prostitutes. Their love is for free. "The Cuban woman would never lie in bed for the money! Only love! But if she takes money for it - then why not? "- Economically correctly reasoned Fidel Castro. For accessibility, diversity and cheapness of sex tourism, the country is a serious competitor to Thailand. Prostitution in Cuba - a "family" business in the literal sense of the word: as pimps young Cuban women often take parents, brothers or even their fiancés. Under socialism, the immortal and eternal famine bananas any activity that brings money to the family, is considered worthy of respect. So the answer to the question "Singhara posible?" ( "Can you have fun?") In 99% of cases will be enthusiastically positive.

For unmatched by carnal pleasures, men can also go to Latvia, which nebesprichinno called "Thai-European", in itself, Thailand, where sex - it is a business and lifestyle, a way of thinking and hobbies, the Netherlands - the most "adult" and the emancipation of the country in the world; in cosmopolitan Miami, who can customize any of a wave of pleasure, or in Paris, countless times confirmed its standing as the "city of love."