Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Barbados - an island where love lives!

Barbados - the small, reminiscent of pear-shaped island, which lies in the chain of the Small Antilles.
The first settlers in Barbados were Amerindian nomads. Three waves of immigration have passed through the island, which is then sent in the direction of North America.

The name "Barbados" comes from the Portuguese explorer Pedro Campos (Pedro Campos) in 1536, initially named the island «Os Barbados» (bearded) because of the abundance growing on its fig trees, entwined like beards epiphytes. Between 1536 and 1550 years, Spanish conquistadors seized many Caribs on the island and used them on the plantations as slaves. Some Caribs still escaped from the island.

Despite the fact that Barbados for many years was a British colony, the African influence pervades their daily lives - from the gastronomic preferences to architecture and street names.

A popular tourist destination, Barbados has 50 years of the last century. By the 70-island has been gaining popularity, and today the annual number of guests in Barbados over a million people. The main attraction is its stunning beaches, mild climate and cheerful people, fond of holidays. The island is often called the little England, because of the many traditions and ways of spending time is inherited from that country. For example, such as a game of cricket, golf, old English church.
The white sand beaches, coral reefs, the abundance of historical sites associated with the era heyday of piracy, and the traditional carnivals make this island one of the gems of the Caribbean Sea.

Barbados offers excellent opportunities for recreation: here is waiting for tourists surfing, diving, excursions to the Wildlife Sanctuary in the north of the island, exciting descents in the karst caves and grottos with underground rivers and lakes.

Secluded bays and magnificent beaches of pink sand, special rates for newlyweds in most hotels and a huge amount of entertainment is an ideal island for a honeymoon.
Today Barbados - one of the most developed Caribbean islands with high levels of life and extensive infrastructure. Barbados is proud of its tradition of wedding ceremonies and offers a wide range of services for their conduct.

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