Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ship of naval forces of the USA will be flooded in the Cayman Islands and turned into an artificial reef for divers.

American rescue ship Kittiwake submarines in November will be transferred to authorities in the Cayman Islands, which are considered British territory in the Caribbean. Then one of the former U.S. Navy ships will be transformed into an artificial reef for diving excursions, Associated Press referring to the project manager of Maritime Administration Nancy Easterbrook.

Kittiwake was built in 1945 and has a displacement of 2,29 thousand tons with a length 76 meters. In recent years, the ship has not been used for its intended purpose.

Currently, the ship moored at the base at Fort Eustis in Virginia. There also are laid up, and other military vessels Defense Reserve Fleet, nicknamed ghostly. They are administered by the Office of the U.S. merchant fleet.

According to the plans, in 2009 Kittiwake find the last resting place on the bottom near the coast of the Cayman Islands. It requires the Minister of Tourism Charles Clifford Islands, after flooding in compartments Kittiwake inhabit many species of fish, and ship-reef will be a success among tourists.

Note that the administration of Cayman Islands already have experience in a similar recycling rusting "pot" of the fleet superpowers. In 1996 here was flooded and turned into a reef destroyer fall primarily in the Russian navy.

Now the 100-meter destroyer lies at a depth of 18 meters and it has stuck to a dense layer of the inhabitants of the sea depths.

Terms of the transaction between the Office of Merchant Marine and Island administration is not yet known. However, before the transfer Kittiwake in "civilian hands, the ship must undergo special processing, as it were poisonous.

Recall the spring of 2007 reported a similar decision the fate of the second-largest warship "General Vandenberg. It was supposed to flood at the island of Key West, Florida. From 1963 to 1983, the vessel is 156 meters long conducted a reconnaissance mission.

Now, "General Vandenberg towed ship docks near Washington, where he will take many months of quarantine: from it will remove any items and materials that can harm the ecology of the ocean.

Upon completion of the work that would cost 5.7 million dollars, 6 miles from the coast of Key West will be a new reef, which will provide habitat for thousands of diverse oceanic flora and fauna and, consequently, attract lovers of the underwater world. According to local professionals, the influx of tourists to boost the coffers of the state.

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