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Cuba Libre Cocktail

Cuba Libre Cocktail

Cuba Libre was invented in Cuba in about 1900. At that time the U.S. fought a war with Spain. Cuban patriots supported Spain in this military conflict, and this led to the fact that in Cuba were American troops. According to legend, one of the American officers entered the bar and asked the bartender to mix golden rum, Coca-Cola, add ice and lime juice. The soldier drank a drink with such pleasure. With his comrades immediately interested and asked the bartender to make a few more cocktails. Merry mood the soldiers offered a toast to the liberation of Cuba. "Por Cuba Libre!", - Yelled gay American soldiers, still unaware of Fidel Castro and the Communists.

However, some facts refute this version. Formally, Cuba was freed in 1898, and American military forces left the island in the same year, but cola has appeared in Cuba only in 1900. Therefore, according to a refutation, as expressed in 1965 by Fausto Rodriguez, Cuba Libre was first mixed in 1900, an unknown member of the American signal units, which had remained in Cuba.

Cuba Libre quickly has started to gain popularity. In 1945, the combination of 2 drinks immortalized popular ensemble The Andrews Sisters, who sang the hit "Rum and Coca-Cola".

Cocktail preparation Cuba Libre

1 part rum: 2 parts cola: a little lime juice.
At the bottom of a tall glass of ice is placed, then swell ingredients.
All mixed.
In a glass put lobule lime as a garnish.

Sit on the balcony, fill a glass of crushed ice, squeeze lime, hold the glass toward the sky (best effect during sunset), pour the rum that would not see the horizon, add a little Cola to close the sky, gently mix, lean yourself and..................

Among the popular youth club version of a cocktail Cuba pentad. Coca-Cola in this version is added to the cocktail of half lemonade and soda.

There is also a wonderful cocktail of Cuban Missile Crisis. To make it, takes a much more robust rum, such as Bacardi 151, alcohol concentration is about 75%.

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