Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jamaica Threats

According to tour operators in Jamaica, there is always a threat to get into an unwanted adventure, in contrast to other Caribbean islands, where independent travel will be much more enjoyable.

During solitary walks in the Jamaican picturesque bays, parks and human settlements of any wrong turn can lead to very dire consequences.

Tourists are also advised to travel by taxi or bus instead of a rental car.

According to statistics, over the past six months in various parts of the famous resort has recorded 700 crimes. In 2007 most of the murders occurred in the capital Kingston, which is quite far from the traditional holiday destinations.

It is interesting that so sad statistics (consistently the third or fourth in the number of murders in the ratings of most criminal countries in recent years) does not prevent the rising popularity of Jamaica among foreign nationals.

Law enforcement agencies of the island recently updated its website, putting back some of the recommendations.

For example, foreign visitors are asked to more closely monitor their luggage, to refrain from walking alone on deserted beaches even in daylight, and try not to go to travel at night.

As a rule, hotel guests prefer to use the system "all inclusive", which significantly reduces the risk of unpleasant incidents. In addition, the island has increased dramatically the demand for guided tours and hikes.

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