Friday, July 16, 2010

Cruises From Royal Caribbean Were Recognized The Most Ecologic

Annual awards for innovative solutions for environmental protection awarded to cruise companies Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises, a member of a holding company Royal Caribbean Cruises.

During the ceremony of the annual award for innovative solutions for the Protection of the Environment of the Ports Cruise Terminal Environmental Advisory Committee, the liner Mariner of the Seas Royal Caribbean company won the nomination, the liner, who has made contributions to especial protection of the environment, and liner Brilliance of the Seas - in the "liner, to apply innovative technologies to protect the environment."

Together, these international competitions, which were estimated by the Department for management of environmental resources, the independent expert on environmental and consulting firm, involved 9 ships of the company Celebrity Cruises, and 21 ships from Royal Caribbean International. At the same time the jury took into consideration the timeliness and effectiveness of enforcement of laws relating to the protection of the environment, as well as innovative solutions that create a favorable ecological environment.

Company-owners of the ships that have won the competition, were given an honorary award and have the opportunity to transfer to the charity of any part of the prize money amounting to 5-10 000 dollars.

"Caring for the environment requires our attention - explained Dan Henrahan, president and board of directors of Celebrity Cruises. - I am very proud of our dedication to standards of environmental protection, because it expects from us, our company, our guests on board our aircraft and Society in general. "