Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Hurry up! Season of female sex tourism in the Caribbean is open! "

From extravagant expression "sex tourism" are still going up and frown only the most notorious of the Puritans. Even the females, once perturbed frivolous behavior of men, in turn, actively liking to this form of recreation, invitingly promises everything earthly pleasures in one set. However, goals have sex tourists are different. Lonely woman needs sex, multiplied by the feelings and always wrapped in bright packaging of romance: the sea walk on the moon's path, the fiery kisses under the Big Dipper and eating lobster by candlelight. The formula is an ideal holiday for single men is true and simple: sex, repeatedly multiplied by sex.

Routes sex tours for men and women, too different, and sometimes even romantic paths do not intersect: the case, where for the same sex - love expanse - for others, starvation rations and immediate deportation for immoral behavior.

Sex routes for women

American and Canadian women wishing to add spice to their fresh daily, for guaranteed sharp sensations travel to the Dominican Republic. "Hurry up! Season of female sex tourism in the Caribbean is open! "- This advertising slogan is now shocking the West no more than advertising toothpaste. Each year, loving the island is visited by about 600 thousand tourists willing to pay each time their exotic happiness. Grassroots Women's arrival does not prevent even the fact that the island is second only to Africa's highest rate of HIV. The fact that the opening of a Caribbean island of love attributed Canadian. Not surprisingly, what they mentioned in a special term to describe the phenomenon of the popularity of this tropical zone of sex in women of middle age without much success in their careers: "the Canadian secretary syndrome. That's the price for the services of Caribbean machismo evolved in the light of material capabilities of the North American "secretaries": from $ 30 per hour to $ 150 per night.

Other "hot" point of the planet for sex tourists - it advertises itself as the erotic center of the world in Jamaica, with its famous hotels of the pleasures of "Hedonism-2" and "Hedonism-3"; Bulgaria - with a surprisingly similar to the Italians, but much cheaper men ; Turkey - with the most ardent and the most picky lovers in the world, Thailand - for the woman wanting to know absolutely cosmic erotic happiness in the performance of Thai virtuosos.

Neighboring Mexico - to the best of the exotic, not a popular measure, but very cheap sex Eden. Price amorous adventures with a pretty muchacha - from $ 5 per hour. A craving for sex extreme on the Mexican island of Cozumel twice a year formally conducted pornoolimpiada, which gathers the stars of this genre of film and its true connoisseurs. When buying a round at one of the "Olympics" (which is from $ 1500 to $ 2500), can become a full member of the shooting.

'Liberty Island' doesn't have prostitutes. Their love is for free. "The Cuban woman would never lie in bed for the money! Only love! But if she takes money for it - then why not? "- Economically correctly reasoned Fidel Castro. For accessibility, diversity and cheapness of sex tourism, the country is a serious competitor to Thailand. Prostitution in Cuba - a "family" business in the literal sense of the word: as pimps young Cuban women often take parents, brothers or even their fiancés. Under socialism, the immortal and eternal famine bananas any activity that brings money to the family, is considered worthy of respect. So the answer to the question "Singhara posible?" ( "Can you have fun?") In 99% of cases will be enthusiastically positive.

For unmatched by carnal pleasures, men can also go to Latvia, which nebesprichinno called "Thai-European", in itself, Thailand, where sex - it is a business and lifestyle, a way of thinking and hobbies, the Netherlands - the most "adult" and the emancipation of the country in the world; in cosmopolitan Miami, who can customize any of a wave of pleasure, or in Paris, countless times confirmed its standing as the "city of love."

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