Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dominican Republic Will Continue The Restoration Of Sandy Beaches

Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic has decided to continue the restoration of sandy beaches. It is assumed that one of the main beaches in the country Caleta, will be extended to 550 meters. The project will cost around 1.2 million dollars.

In addition to the Caleta beach will be improved and other beaches: Carenero, Los Cacaos, Costa Verde-Juan Bolaños, Najayo, Palenque, San Rafael and El Quemaíto.

Restoring the beaches affected by the damaging effects of natural hazards and man, implies their complete cleaning, remove dirt and extension of beach areas.

Dominican Republic belongs to two-thirds of the island of Haiti, that is 48,500 sq km and 1575 km of coastline, a third of whom are beaches. 360-kilometer border that separates the Dominican Republic and Haiti, is bounded on the north Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the south. Mona Channel, suggestive fear at all seafarers due to strong currents and ferocious winds that separates the island from Puerto Rico to the east.

Dominican Republic is a country with well-developed tourism infrastructure, the basis chosen for the "all inclusive" - most of the local hotels are working on this principle.

Almost the entire coast of the country - one continuous beach. Beaches of the Dominican Republic are among the best in the Caribbean. No matter which resort is no way to select tourist: Playa Bavaro, Playa Dorada or Puerto Plata - anywhere he can find fine white sand, clear warm water and preventive maintenance.

From the natural beauty of the island, according to guidebooks, can not be circumvented Lemon waterfall: a dip in it, according to locals, you will live comfortably until his death. Also recommend a boat trip across the lagoon Gris-Gris, an intricate maze of mangroves, lianas and palms in the river delta.

Climbers and just lovers of the mountains rise to the peak of Duarte. Go to the top of the leading routes of varying difficulty, and everyone can choose their way of forces. The main attraction of the country's capital - the city of Santo Domingo - the extraordinary architecture of the city's Cathedral Basilica Higuey, is a kind of skewered each other curved arches.

If there is a sensible guide to visiting the colonial part of Santo Domingo can be great fun. This area is simply breathes history. The first street in the New World, the first church in the New World, the first customs office in the New World.

The history of the island is closely intertwined with the life of the great traveler Christopher Columbus, so there are many landmarks associated with him and his family. Very popular means to brighten up the evening with tourists is to visit the tomb of Columbus.

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