Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best World Places for Diving

Forbes Traveller magazine compiled a list of the world's best places for diving. the world's best places for diving. In the first place in the list turned out to be Phi Phi Island in Thailand. These islands are 2 limestone monolith, one of whom, Phi Phi Don, continues to grow. The best place for diving is near the reef Hing-Klang. Here is an abundance of soft corals and bright tropical fish.

In second place is the resort zone Safaga in Egypt, which consists of several sandy beaches located on the shores of a large bay with many coral reefs. To dive the divers are taken to a sandy island, also located in a quiet bay Soma. Here, on the shallow reef, the most common arelions-fish and clown fish, are also encountered morays and Ocellaris fish, cuttlefish and octopuses.

The list continues the Panamanian Island of San Blas, also known as Kuna Yala. The reefs of San Blas impress by its length, reaching 320 kilometers. Here divers are waiting for immersion with numerous corals and sponges. In the western part of the archipelago are uninhabited islands, where you can see not only corals but also wrecked ships.

In the list is also included the island of Culebra (Puerto Rico). Tourists well know the Flamenco Beach, located on the north coast of Culebra - the largest island in the archipelago of the Virgin Islands. Secluded beach Carlos Rosario - one of the most popular places for diving in the Caribbean Sea. During the dive you can see many corals and reef fish.

In the waters of the Salt Cay Island (Turks and Caicos Islands) divers will see the typical inhabitants of these places: sharks-nurses, skats and colonies of coral reefs in the form of antlers. From neighboring islets it is possible to watch fish schools, here on the 12-meter depth lies the British Royal Navy frigate Endymion, crashed into a coral reef. Winter gives divers an additional opportunity to swim among humpback whales.

Sixth place in the list is taken by the island St. John (U.S. Virgin Islands). Its coastline is richly protected from the waves in some places to dive. Since almost the entire island is national park, there are not many sedimentary rocks, which damage the corals and make the water turbid.

One of the best places for diving is in U.S. Virgin Islands - the water near the beaches of U.S. Virgin Islands, which are located on the leeward side of the island of U.S. Virgin Islands. Visibility is up to 30 meters or more. Whether diving near the beach or at a remote reefs, divers will meet many fish, sponges, corals, and if you're lucky - stingrays, bracken and green sea turtles weighing up to 180 kilograms. However, the winter swimming and diving at the beach Macs can prevent a strong surf.

Also the list of Forbes Traveller includes such places for diving, as the Indonesian National Marine Park Bunaken in northern U.S. Virgin Islands, the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Rurutu island in French Polynesia, underwater cave systems in Florida, the Fiji Islands and the island of Bimini.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dominican Republic Food

Columbus, who discovered this volcanic island on Sunday, November 3, 1493, called it Dominicano. The territory of the Dominican Republic has 1600 km of sea coast - in the north Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea to the south. Dominican Republic is the second largest country in the Caribbean. History of the Dominican Republic - is the story of an Indian Island Kiskeya, whose name translates as "mother of all lands". The natives who inhabited the island before the arrival of the Spanish sailors, were descended from tribes that came from the tropical forests of Venezuela and from the banks of the Orinoco River. They called themselves "Taíno". Official language is Spanish. In tourist centers and speak in English, French, German and Italian. And in the hotels of the Dominican Republic you will understood in any language. The historical part of the city of Santo Domingo, recognized by UNESCO cultural heritage.

Many people think that Latin American and Caribbean cuisine doesn't differ from country to country. However, ways of cooking food in the Dominican Republic are really unique. History tells us that the Dominican Republic experienced the influence of both France and Spain. In addition, Aboriginal foods and ways of its preparation also helped create a remarkable and delicious dishes.

Dominican cuisine is simple to prepare and very healthy. Are used only natural ingredients. The main feature of it - the extensive use of legumes, bananas and other vegetables (including exotics) in the original, combined with meat products and fish. This abundance of spices used in cooking, at first glance is huge, but it is not so - all the spices are consumed in the measure, and almost do not spoil the original flavor. For cooking use only a certain kind of bananas "Platano" - Green and quite hard, do not eat them raw. Side dish usually served on rice, red beans, cassava, mashed bananas from the forest with a bow "manga" and various salads.

National dishes that use local people on a daily basis are: a thick soup with meat, rice and vegetables "asopao", stew meat, beans, rice, salad and fried bananas " Bandera", baked in banana leaves, meat and vegetable" bed-en - Ohashi, roast pork "puerko al-Puja" or "puerko-Assado", vegetables and meat ragout "sankocho", pork served with fried bananas, and certainly exotic - whole braised pig carcass in a pit, stewed with vegetables and herb chicken, tripe on-Dominican "monfongo" etc. As a side dish using rice and red beans in all sorts of combinations, cassava, mashed bananas from the forest with a bow "manga" and various salads.

Continuing on the table there are cakes of cassava, "Kasaba" (as usual, and with various fillings) and "tostones" - fried bananas. Fish and seafood, despite their abundance and diversity, almost non-existent in the traditional Dominican cuisine, but recently they have been in larger numbers appear in the menus of cafes and restaurants. The most popular fish, roasted on a spit or a lattice, grilled fish with coconut crumbs, fish in a sauce of coconut milk "Pescado con coco", a variety of seafood, "mariskos" crabs in a sauce "Cangrejo gisado" etc.

And, of course, have the widest distribution of a variety of tropical fruits - bananas, coconuts, pineapples, arable land, guava, mango, green lemon Zest and other exotic fruits. Their use in natural form, in the form of juices and fruit cocktails. Everywhere brew good coffee, especially good grade "Santo Domingo".

Rum is the national alcoholic beverage of the Dominican Republic, which does not manage any festival anywhere in the country. Rum is widely popular among the local population of the Dominican Republic, along with local brands of beer "Quisqueya", "Presidente" and "Bohemia". Rum varying quality and spills can be purchased at any store or tent.

Among the 15 varieties of rum, manufactured in the country, the main positions occupied by "Brugal", "Barselo" and "Bermudes". Produce dark rum (with a classic golden hue) and light (white, often with the addition of lemon, which gives the drink a delicious taste).

Rum drink alone or added to cocktails. For example, "Piña Colada" (Rum, often 3 species, coconut milk and pineapple juice, ice), Daiquiri (rum, lemon juice, ice chips) and, of course, the famous and the most popular "Free Cuba" (rum Coca-Cola and ice).

Interest of local alcoholic beverage "pru" (a product of fermentation of juice plants of the same name). Coffee is brewed everywhere.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bermuda Islands...

Bermuda ... We imagine these islands wrapped in mystery and mysteries. Immediately we recall the legendary "Bermuda Triangle" with the disappeared no one knows where ships and planes. Of course, scientists are trying to debunk these myths about the temporal and spatial gap, but agree that the rumors do not appear in vain. Although ...

Aura of mystery and chilling suspense dissipates almost immediately and completely, as soon as you get on these Azur. No, the bright sun, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and turquoise clear sky no means divorced from the mysterious island's reputation. Only occasionally, remembering the name of the place of rest, a chill runs through the skin, but it immediately drives affectionate welcoming sun, clear water washes and blows the warm breeze. This is a wonderful place to relax, away from the rest of the world (Bermuda are almost in the middle of the ocean). Choosing the island seating area, you will never forget the wonderful days spent in paradise on earth.

Geographically, the islands are located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, off the eastern coast of the United States. In fact, they are in allegiance with Great Britain, and, accordingly, Queen Elizabeth II is the nominal head of state for the residents of Bermuda. Despite the colonial, Bermuda to date - the most populous area of Britain, of all overseas. At the same time Bermuda has a rich history dating back to those days when Britain really only began her journey as a nation.

The total number of islands, the combined name of Bermuda, is about 137, and the area for a total of almost 53 square kilometers. As for the names of islands, they are slightly smaller than themselves pieces of sushi. The fact that some islands are of one name. Typically, they are formed from the names of famous people or the names of some places. There are, of course, essential, larger and more populated islands, it is - Island of Ireland (northern and southern), Somerset, Boaz Island, St. David and St. George. Do not be afraid to hear "The Island of the devil" - is just the name of the archipelago.

In fact, despite the large number of islands, the population there is only about 60 thousand people. Islands are small. The largest of them can cross all along for an hour with a tail, and across - 15 minutes! The total length of roads on the islands is 30 kilometers. Dangerous reefs surrounding Bermuda from all sides, that only attracts adventurers and treasure. Not surprisingly, the seabed around Bermuda's just full of trophies. Some of them spent under water, no age ... Divers in any case will find the water something interesting, and maybe even valuable. Besides, the beauty of the underwater world, are worth at least once immersed.

And who knows, maybe it is you who will solve the secret of magical attraction, a mysterious entity and unearthly beauty of these places ...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

The islands reigns mild tropical climate. Bathing season lasts almost all year round. Because of these and many other reasons, this place is considered one of the best resorts in the world. Millionaires, politicians, stars and all those who aspire to a variety of opportunities, was chosen by Saint Vincent and the Grenadines yet 40 years ago.

Generous nature made these islands in this tropical paradise. Here you can make a trip to the summit of the volcano, swim in waterfalls, dive with dolphins, go on a cruise on a yacht or to explore the coral reefs surrounding the archipelago.

Grenadines for a long time remained undiscovered islands, and therefore they attract sailors from around the world. No accident that one of the most famous yacht charter company The Moorings has opened his own club on the island of Canouan - the third in the Caribbean Sea.

St. Vincent has a rather turbulent history. By the time Columbus discovered (in January 1498) and the inclusion of the Spanish possessions, the island was inhabited by Indians caribou, but fierce resistance that kept the colonists in constant fear. As a result, getting to the island of runaway black slaves, imported to the plantations of the African continent (for some reason they met the natives with open arms), and subsequent assimilation, on the island was formed a new ethnic group - "Black Caribs" (Garifuna), began to quarrel with the traditional "yellow Caribbeans" ...