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Grenada is the independent state, situated in one of the Windward islands of the group of the Small Antilles in the eastern part of the Caribbean, on the western "edge" of the Atlantic Ocean. Grenada was discovered in 1498 by Columbus. The structure of Grenada includes "paradise" islands: Ronde, Schugar Loaf, Green Island, Sandy Island, Carriacou, Petit Martinique, Jenny and others.

The Nature of the island pleases you with tropical forests and numerous waterfalls, coastline abounds with beautiful bays, beaches with white sand.

St. George - the capital and main port of Grenada is well-protected marine bay. This picturesque town with steep winding streets, attracts many tourists. Situated on a hilltop above the city Fort George, has observation platforms, allowing admire the city and the bay from the western cape harbor, and up the coast to the western end of Karenazh. Grenada National Museum, located in the heart of the city. Exhibit Museum is extremely diverse, including fragments of pottery Indian tribes who inhabited the island, a collection of old rum, marble bath, which once belonged to Empress Josephine.

The island of Grenada is volcanic in origin, has several hot springs, picturesque mountain lakes and beautiful beaches that attract thousands of tourists.

Here at low prices you can buy spices, manufactures of straw, cotton clothing, fabric and jewelry. There are many duty-free shops selling quality goods from all continents.

Here in large numbers grow palm trees and other tropical trees, which inhabit different kinds of monkeys imported from Africa, many centuries ago. There are also widespread family of possums and various mongoose. Among the birds you can see hummingbirds, pelicans, brown boobies, hawk. The island is also distributed colonies of turtles, but, unfortunately, to meet the taste of connoisseurs, many species of turtles were destroyed.

For lovers of the sea sport can be recovered in one great place Grand Anse Beach. This is the most popular places for diving - the island of Carriacou in the vicinity of the coast of Grenada, on all sides surrounded by coral reefs. In a place called Croce in the craters of extinct volcanoes lurk unearthly beauty of the lake. The island is surrounded by beautiful beaches, which even can be seen the black volcanic sand. In some places the coast to fit the colorful coral reefs. For avid fishermen Spice Island ('Spice') held in January over a popular fishing tournament, the first prize in the competition is the sum of the six all zeros.

Do not hesitate to visit Grenada... Only here you can see the banana region, since this fruit is found almost at every step. Just for lovers of seafood here, so prepare lobster, you will never forget this amazing flavor. Because Grenadians have their cooking secrets, which are not disclosed for no one.

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