Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Honeymoon on the Islands

Honeymoon should be the most happy and memorable event of your life. The perfect solution - a journey to the exotic tale of the island, which are so similar to paradise.

Warm recollection of snow-white beaches, azure sea and amazing landscapes will remain with you until the end of life.


Perfect, pristine white beaches of soft sand, or rather, not even sand and coral dust. Delicious tropical climate and warm turquoise waters caressing the diverse and tranquil islands. Kaleidoscope of virgin forests, exotic birds and animals, pristine water, filled to the brim with colorful fish. Seychelles - all this and much more. Everything is created for love, all steeped in it. Here is the craziest dream come true. Weddings in the Seychelles are usually held on the territory of the hotel at sunset. Almost all 5-star hotels are on their territory chapel. In addition, the ceremony can be carried out on the pier, the beach or even on a yacht.


Hundreds of tiny coral islands scattered in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
Truly paradise with pristine, untouched nature,
ideal climatic conditions and spectacular scenery, which you can appreciate, going on a cruise on a yacht or a flight to the seaplane. Underwater world in Maldives is also very diverse, beautiful and rich, so they are ideal for diving enthusiasts and marine fishing. Among the multitude of islands with white sand beaches and palm groves lovers can choose from and totally uninhabited, where nobody will prevent enjoy each other.


Unpredictable, bright, romantic love of the island, where the air is filled with aromas of ripe fruit and bright flowers, and in the charm and splendor of which entered all the conditions for the enjoyment and happiness, to celebrate the most important events of your life.

Vivid sights, exotic nature, perfect white sand, sparkling waterfalls and rivers, majestic mountains - are unpredictable and bright, like a cacophony of sounds and flavors of Jamaican wedding and honeymoon ... widest range of delightful hotels for all tastes will exceed your expectations and will cherish your novel. This is - your wedding, and the world around us is subject to your wishes. One has only to wish - and magnificent bouquets of fabulous tropical flowers will fall at your feet, the village baker will prepare a special Jamaican wedding cake, rings out a divine Jamaican music while you dance together for the first time as husband and wife ...


Especially attractive for tourists vacation in the islands, where nature has not yet affected by man-made civilization. The air in these places clean and healthy person. For example, island Barbados, which is called the "little England". And it is not surprising, because for many centuries, Barbados had absorbed the traditions and culture of the British Empire. Here people drink afternoon tea, play cricket and golf. However, the first to enter Barbados were not the Englishmen, but the Portuguese, which gave the name of the island - "Los Barbados", which means "bearded".

Equip yourself with unforgettable moments of happiness in the fairy islands, snow-white beach and the endless beauty of the ocean...

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