Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honeymoon & Children

The resort of one of the Caribbean archipelago holded an unusual discount campaign. Tourists were offered to have children, making their future offspring directly in the hotel rooms. During this holiday-makers were offered special discount.

The resort that made this curious suggestion is called the Westin Resort. It is situated on the shores of the Caribbean islands of the Netherlands - more specifically, on the island of Aruba.

The resort offered young couples a discount for their future travel, if they will make child during the holidays in the hotel.

The hotel' administration was ready to pay 180 pounds (almost 300 dollars) for successful attempt to conceive a child in their rooms. Thus hoteliere attracted the maximum number of couples who are ready to expand their family.

Nevertheless, to take advantage of such a kind of "carrot" the couples had to prove that the kid made the first move in this world namely at the resort.

The hotel claimed that it was enough a note from the doctor, which indicated the estimated date of conception. Specified time, of course, should match the rest period of the parents in this hotel. Offer was valid for all who had rest in the hotel until December, 18 2009.

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