Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Bermuda Islands...

Bermuda ... We imagine these islands wrapped in mystery and mysteries. Immediately we recall the legendary "Bermuda Triangle" with the disappeared no one knows where ships and planes. Of course, scientists are trying to debunk these myths about the temporal and spatial gap, but agree that the rumors do not appear in vain. Although ...

Aura of mystery and chilling suspense dissipates almost immediately and completely, as soon as you get on these Azur. No, the bright sun, beautiful beaches, coral reefs and turquoise clear sky no means divorced from the mysterious island's reputation. Only occasionally, remembering the name of the place of rest, a chill runs through the skin, but it immediately drives affectionate welcoming sun, clear water washes and blows the warm breeze. This is a wonderful place to relax, away from the rest of the world (Bermuda are almost in the middle of the ocean). Choosing the island seating area, you will never forget the wonderful days spent in paradise on earth.

Geographically, the islands are located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, off the eastern coast of the United States. In fact, they are in allegiance with Great Britain, and, accordingly, Queen Elizabeth II is the nominal head of state for the residents of Bermuda. Despite the colonial, Bermuda to date - the most populous area of Britain, of all overseas. At the same time Bermuda has a rich history dating back to those days when Britain really only began her journey as a nation.

The total number of islands, the combined name of Bermuda, is about 137, and the area for a total of almost 53 square kilometers. As for the names of islands, they are slightly smaller than themselves pieces of sushi. The fact that some islands are of one name. Typically, they are formed from the names of famous people or the names of some places. There are, of course, essential, larger and more populated islands, it is - Island of Ireland (northern and southern), Somerset, Boaz Island, St. David and St. George. Do not be afraid to hear "The Island of the devil" - is just the name of the archipelago.

In fact, despite the large number of islands, the population there is only about 60 thousand people. Islands are small. The largest of them can cross all along for an hour with a tail, and across - 15 minutes! The total length of roads on the islands is 30 kilometers. Dangerous reefs surrounding Bermuda from all sides, that only attracts adventurers and treasure. Not surprisingly, the seabed around Bermuda's just full of trophies. Some of them spent under water, no age ... Divers in any case will find the water something interesting, and maybe even valuable. Besides, the beauty of the underwater world, are worth at least once immersed.

And who knows, maybe it is you who will solve the secret of magical attraction, a mysterious entity and unearthly beauty of these places ...

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