Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The island of Anguilla

The island of Anguilla probably got its name from the elongated form, in translation means "eel". Anguilla - it's small size the island which is located in the northern Small Antilles. Anguilla is owned by the UK, but is an independent territory.

One of the most prestigious resorts in the Caribbean island is considered Anguilla, which is a top class resort, and all tariffs and prices correspond to the level of vip. Anguilla - ideal holiday destination for those seeking top-notch service and excellent atmosphere. Celebrities buy trips to Anguilla, as the island as before is one of the rare places where they will not bother, where a secluded weekend is guaranteed. And if in a hotel in Anguilla you're lucky enough to see Janet Jackson, do not try to get an autograph. Just because there is not accepted here.

Cost and quality of service provided Anguilla Island can put on a par with the French Riviera and Sardinia. Here all year round here on sunny days and sports entertainment to suit every taste, you'll find on the beaches of Anguilla. Anguilla is also popular with boaters. Meads Bay - an elegant district of "Honeymoon Bay" on the north-west of Anguilla, is the venue for the annual yacht race. Be sure to come here for the opening race during the carnival (first week of August). On May 30 a national holiday the Day of Anguilla and the New Year, also are celebrated big regattas.

How to entertain:

To see all the beauty of coral reefs is enough to have a mask and tube. To create an unusual atmosphere and for the sake of diving, a local diving club (Bay Road Bay) specially flooded several ships.
Guests can tour the islands nearby on boats or catamarans. Each year in Anguilla held a variety of festivals. In January, Cultural Festival held in March - an annual festival of reggae "Moonsplash", August - Summer Festival Anguilla, November - Jazz Festival Tranquility.

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