Monday, September 3, 2012


Smoke cigars, music and sun encloud of peace and quiet, and the magic begins ...

You go back to the past. Vintage cars that glisten as if just left the assembly line, are scattered around guns left over from the Revolution.

Havana. If you were not in Havana, consider that you have not seen Cuba.
Bridge on the way from Varadero to Havana - the pride of the Cuban engineers.

Here it is, the Cuban heart:

Interior Ministry building with Che

The famous Capitol

Local cinema

Amazing musicians in the Cuban cafe

Local taxi:

Get to Cuba. In a land where time stood still, where there is no rush, no experiences ... Hurry up, because the second hand is about to jump from one division to another, and the magic is over, - minute flight, counting the months and years, turning Cuba into one of the many paradise islands in the Caribbean Sea with modern machinery, roads and hotels.

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